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Questions People Ask About Our Weight Loss Program

At Ideal Weight Center we get a lot of questions from potential new patients about our weight loss services. This weight loss program seems too good to be true because it’s affordable, easy, and effective.


People are tired of being let down with fake weight loss products, supplements, impossible meal plans, or life-consuming exercise programs. They want real support.


From the minute you walk in, you will know the Rock Hill weight loss clinic is different.


This program is medical weight loss supervised by professionals trained and experienced in health and wellness, and doctor prescribed weight loss.


Below are answers to the most common questions people ask about starting our weight loss therapy.

How Does the Medication Work?

This is a non surgical weight loss solution. It is safe, and simple, and requires only one weekly visit to our clinic. The program is easy to incorporate into your busy schedule. How does it work?


Our trademarked solution has the same proteins your body produces. When these proteins get released into the system, they travel to the brain, the area called the hippocampus. This is the zone that controls appetite and satiety. Our therapy safely elevates and maintains the level of proteins in your system. The brain sends an ongoing message that you are not hungry, and you feel full after small portions.


The therapy also includes B-12, an all-natural metabolism booster that is difficult to get into the diet. As a super nutrient that burns calories and helps energize you, this is the perfect addition to our therapy. This program is the best weight loss program, one that is safe, and easily incorporated into your everyday life.

How Fast are the Results?

Ideal Weight Center is offering a therapy that is perhaps one of the most influential and impactful medications in the weight reduction industry in over two decades. Not only is it safe, and effective, results can happen quickly. The day following the first dose, most patients report that their desire to eat is diminishing. It doesn’t take much for you to feel satisfied.


Because your overall health matters, ours is a doctor supervised weight loss program that starts slowly. Most patients begin with a partial dose, generally a 25% solution. Then, we monitor you weekly and continue treatment. This gives the body time to adjust. Unlike Phentermine or Adipex, which are stimulants, this formula blunts your appetite. There are no jittery feelings, heart palpitations, or trouble sleeping.


Once we see that you feel good and your body is responding well, we up the dose to one-half, and eventually a full dose. Soon, you’ll begin to lose the weight you’ve always dreamed of losing, and with far less effort than you could imagine.

Why is the Program So Affordable?

Medical weight loss, especially doctor prescribed weight loss, is going up in price. Strong prescription drugs are prohibitively expensive, with some medications costing $1,000 or more per month. And surgery can cost tens of thousands.


Everyone who is overweight deserves an affordable treatment option. This is the deeply held belief of the doctors who developed this peptide therapy. It took years of research, but the compound they eventually developed quickly became doctor approved. The therapy is derived from compounds, specifically proteins, which are found naturally inside the body. These proteins are what normally work to restore balance in the GI system, and flow to the brain after eating to regulate appetite. By increasing the levels of this protein, our patients feel full after much smaller meals and they feel better, because their digestive system gets a reprieve from overeating. It is not an overly expensive formula to produce, unlike the medications manufactured by big pharmaceutical companies, so it is very affordable for the average person.


This new medication is changing the face of medical weight loss, giving any top weight loss doctor a great way to give patients real results, at a fraction of the cost of prescription drugs or bariatric surgery.

What are the Side Effects?

The side effects of prescription medications like Phentermine or Adipex can be extreme. Heart palpitations, increased blood pressure, insomnia–these are just a few of the potential problems these medications can cause. Some call these weight loss drugs “legalized speed.” However, they have been in use for a long time, and they can work very well for people, especially those who are severely overweight. However, they are expensive, and they can only be used short term. In addition, the drugs do nothing to blunt the appetite, so you still need to fight the urge to eat, which is very challenging for some patients.


Our medicine is made up of the proteins secreted naturally by your intestines. Called a peptide, it is a simple protein compound that restores gut health, promotes good digestion and makes you feel full after small amounts of food. The only possible side effects, which are rare, are minor gastric issues. A few users reported loose stool, slight nausea, or mild indigestion. Even in the rare instance when there is a gastric issue, our medical team is there to monitor any issues you may have, and correct the dosage to get those issues resolved quickly.

What Determines How Fast People Lose Weight?

The rate at which you lose pounds depends partly on your lifestyle, body mass index (BMI), and current weight. During your first weight loss consultation, we will take all of that vital information and craft a plan specifically for you. Patients who weigh 400 pounds have been known to drop almost 100 pounds in a year, which is a good pace. As a rule of thumb, someone with a higher body mass index (more fat cells) may dramatically lose more, especially early on.


For those with a lower BMI, weight loss may happen at a slower rate, but you will still achieve your goals. Weight loss usually begins within the first few weeks, and as stated before, the higher the BMI the more dramatic the loss tends to be. As you scale up to a full dose, you’ll eat even less. This is a natural restriction on intake, not unhealthy fasting.


Patients should take care to eat food that has nutritional value, but there are no specific rules about what they can and cannot eat. The focus is more on taking in fewer calories throughout the day.


Our program is very easy to incorporate into a busy schedule. No special foods to buy, no weighing of portions, no calorie counting. Just smaller amounts of food and plenty of energy to maintain your busy lifestyle.

Who Qualifies for this Weight Loss Program?

There are very few situations where someone does not qualify for the program. Disqualification usually has to do with a particular medical condition. Someone who has had thyroid cancer, for instance, or anyone with a rare form of abominable cancer called endocrine neoplasia 1, cannot participate. A third disqualifier is someone who has frequent bouts of pancreatitis. This program is not intended for someone who just needs to lose ten pounds or less. It is a serious therapy for people who are at least 40-50 pounds or more overweight. And, we have had tremendous success with people who are carrying 100 pounds or more than they should be, and the results happen quickly.


Once you qualify, the important thing to remember is that every patient is carefully monitored every week, to make sure they are healthy and getting enough nutrients in their diet. Every patient enrolled will begin from a baseline and receive a customized therapy treatment based on their lifestyle and medical history.


The overall goal is your health AND making sure you weigh an optimum amount for your height and body frame. This is our two-step plan to weight loss success, eating and weighing less, and getting healthier.

Will I Get the Nutrition I need in My Diet?

A healthy portion is actually an amount that would fit in the palm of your hand. In some areas of the world people are used to being served, and eating, much more. This is why countries have obesity epidemics, their culture promotes eating large meals.


And, of course, a palm sized portion of candy will metabolize differently than a handful of vegetables. There is no weight loss effort that is not aided by a patient eating nutrient-rich foods instead of junk. Patients who are extremely heavy, greater than 300 pounds, are always started on a multivitamin on our program. Being overweight can strain the system, and strip important vitamins and minerals out of the system, and we want to be sure those are in place. As our patients start eating less, they will not be undernourished, even if they are not making wise food choices. That said, we encourage and support healthier eating overall.


In this program, we support patients as they pare down their portion sizes, and eat smaller meals, without the emotional, physical, or psychological battles. That’s what the protein and vitamin-based formula accomplishes. It helps you eat far less but feel energized and optimistic. This is a great combination for healthy, effective weight loss.

What Have the Results Been with Your Patients?

Every weight loss physician good at what they do has patient stories that stand out. We had a profound case, a single mother who had recently been evicted from her home and was struggling to provide for her family. She was overweight from a past pregnancy and under a lot of stress. This is the perfect example of someone who could never afford expensive prescription medication or surgery.


When we first saw her, she was about 400 pounds. She was feeling defeated and lacked confidence. But, for the sake of her children was determined to change her life.


In the first month, we helped this mom lose over 17 pounds. As the weight continued to come off, on each visit there was vast improvement. Not just in her physical health, but her outlook on life. Each time she visited for her therapy, she was standing taller, and smiling more. One week she arrived in tears, sharing how, for the first time in a long time, she had gone shopping at a store to buy normal sized clothing. That was a day to celebrate!


Today, this patient is at a healthy weight, has a great job, and is active with her children, and the best part? She won’t need knee surgery, or treatment for diabetes. She is excited at the prospect of a long, healthy life full of family and friends. This was a profound transformation, the most inspiring weight loss story, and it is what we offer our patients.

How Profound is the New Medicine?

You remember when amphetamines became the weight loss sensation of the decade. They amp up the system to burn tremendous amounts of energy. They also increase heart rate, your blood pressure, and the risk of other side effects. This has been one of the main treatments available to doctors for twenty years, and it’s time for a change.


Thankfully, we’ve learned a great deal more about weight loss since these drugs were developed. At the same time, physicians don’t always stay on top of new options that are available for their patients and these medications are still widely used.


The common denominator in any workable plan is a reduction in carbohydrates. Granted, this is a wise thing to try and do. But one should also stabilize their protein intake. That’s what makes this therapy stand out. We have taken the science of proteins in the body, and their regulation of appetite and digestion, and applied it to an effective weight loss solution.


The formula safely increases the levels of important proteins in your body so you don’t feel hungry even if you are eating fewer calories, which you will be! Patients learn portion control because they simply do not feel hungry. It doesn’t take long at all to begin losing pounds.

How Has the Medication Helped You Personally?

When I look back on my path it’s incredible. As a new doctor coming out of med school, I joined a practice with a more experienced physician. He was treating a lot of folks for weight loss. He wasn’t working with people who wanted to lose weight to look pretty. These were people who were in danger of developing serious health problems. Their risk of heart trouble, diabetes, cancer, and other conditions was much higher because they were so overweight.


He educated me about weight loss, but more importantly, he let me know that I was overweight as well. He encouraged me to consider trimming down to set a good example for our patients and give them an idea of what good health looks like. He had already begun the research on peptides, showing me a landmark study where gastric bypass patients had 10X the number of proteins in their system. He had lost weight using a protein formula he had devised, and he encouraged me to try it.


“Man, if we could just bottle up that simple protein, and offer it to people who are overweight, we would truly have something.” In the end, that is exactly what happened.


I used the formula and after my first dose, within two days, my appetite was decreasing. I could not finish a meal! I lost forty-two pounds. I felt better, had more energy, and my life and practice changed for the better. Many years, and over a thousand patients later, I’ve had the privilege of changing a lot of people’s lives. Giving them support by increasing their energy and slimming down to look better is wonderful. But, I am a physician, and knowing that I’ve led hundreds of people to better health, that’s what I’m most grateful for.

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Anyone who is overweight and thinking about making a change for the better should consider visiting us at the Rock Hill Weight Loss Clinic. This is medical weight loss, because it is doctor supervised, but does not involve prescription drugs or surgery. It’s a simple therapy devised by an experienced weight loss physician who has your overall health in mind.


Stop by our clinic, where a team of medical professionals are standing by ready to answer your questions and provide more information. Or call us at (803) 266-1900 to schedule a weight loss consultation–and let’s get you started on this safe, effective, and easy-to-incorporate weight loss therapy.